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We've helped over 200 happy clients sell their home Worry-Free for Maximum Value. Explore our top success stories from our favorite areas below.  

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1 Edgewater, Lebanon, IL

"Fred is THE subject matter expert in his field."--Alaine Strack, Owner

Sale Price: $335,000

A truly unique property, incomparable, in the perfect location, with a family that needed a fast sale. Having recently purchased a home, they were concerned with now much they could net, if anything at closing. 

A heavily marketed one-weekend sale yielded multiple offers. Not only did they achieve a significant profit, but we met their timeline and had a painless escrow and closing process. 

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6800 Norfolk, O'Fallon, IL

Beautiful Home, Fast Sale, Great Price

Sale Price: $372,000

A stunning home that meshed well with our marketing philosophy. Beautiful, clean homes photograph well and attract the kind of traffic that turns into a top-notch purchase price. 

Seller was concerned about the amount of work she'd have to do to prep the home, but we explained that "time was money" and her return-on-investment for that work wouldn't make it worth it. 

So not only did we achieve a great sales price, we saved the owner a lot of unnecessary time, effort, and money she was ready to invest to prep the home. 

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2 Devondale Ln, Frontenac, MO

We Succeed Where Others Fail

Sale Price: $775,000

The owner was a little suspicious of agents after having one fail to sell her property. We laid out our plan and executed accordingly, highlighting the relative affordability of the house vs. the ZIP code it was listed in, and using the street traffic to our advantage with signage. 

Using a "better than building" campaign, we got an incredible response and sold this one for $55k over asking price in a single weekend where another agent had let it expire. 

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8362 Lebanon St, Nashville, IL 

Market Reach = Tough Luxury Sale

Sale Price: $440,000

This beautiful home was a luxury-priced property in a low-density population area (Nashville, IL). 

Over 55% of all luxury-priced listings expire in general. Agents have a hard time selling them with a "one size fits all" listing strategy.

We highlighted the land and location, and tried to target buyers who owned items that would pair nicely with the huge detached building (boats, ATVs, RVs, and small businesses). 

Our omnichannel marketing plan reached an out-of-town agent who brought an excellent match for this property, and even as the market was softening, we brought a top-dollar sale to the closing table. 

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186 11th St, Breese, IL

High-Stakes Contingency Sale for a Dream Home

Sale Price: $171,000

We had to sell this adorable home under time pressure. The owners were contingent to close on their dream home, so the stakes were high: if we couldn't sell this house, they couldn't close on their dream house. 

Despite this, we needed to make sure their net was high enough to make it all work. We pushed this property around the clock to the most opportune buyers, collecting a contract quickly. However, things happen and this buyer terminated, leading us to scramble for a backup offer. 

We had enough contacts from the home marketing list that we quickly found a willing buyer to jump in and close. The former owners are now happily in their dream home! 

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55 Elizabeth, Highland, IL

Fast & Flawless Sale

Sale Price: $290,000

Immaculate home in a location worthy of a drone flight, we pushed this property with a "coming soon" pre launch plan.

The result? 

Full-price, cash, no contingencies offer. Closed on time with zero friction. 

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760 Fulton, Centralia, IL

New Construction, Small Margins

Sale Price: $225,000

This builder ran into high material prices and by the time he was ready to sell this spec home, his margins were small and he was afraid of losing money on the deal. 

He tried FSBO and didn't get a result. We took over and got a fast, fair sale within a week, all cash. 

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1021 Hunter's Way, Mascoutah, IL 

Standing Out from the Competition

Sale Price: $372,000

This military family needed a fast, fair sale to move on to their next chapter. 

Similar homes were for sale nearby and there was more market competition than usual. 

We marketed this home, highlighting its proximity to the air force base, to military and government families. 

A ton of showings yielded an excellent price and a very happy seller! 

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435 Olive, Trenton, IL

Sale Prices: $280,000 & $315,000

Sometimes, life comes at you fast. 

This client finally found a home she loved, and with some tough negotiations, we got her a 280k price tag on this one. 

She lived in it less than a year with minimal remodeling and suddenly needed to sell. 

This time, we were the listing agents and marketed the exact same home with our omnichannel marketing plans. The result? 

She didn't just break even: she got $35k more on the same house. 

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201 Rosewood, Aviston, IL  

A Neighborhood Record in FSBO Central

Sale Price: $280,000

Aviston is notorious for FSBO listings, but these sellers were smart enough to hire us to handle their sale. 

We highlighted their lot: the biggest in the neighborhood. Didn't hurt to have an immaculate home with modern styling. 

Our omnichannel marketing turned into 30+ showings and 8+ offers. In the end? We set the neighborhood record with this sale (which we're breaking with one of our current listings under contract). 

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