Attention Homebuyers: These 6 Things Will Help You Navigate the Market
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Seller Concierge

How we help you sell your home without frustration, stress, and unnecessary expenses.


Your Personalized Assessment

I'm sure you've heard that real estate is a great investment, and it is, but your home is something more.

What made you choose to live in your home? What makes your home special? Uncovering this will help us position your property in its finest light to showcase its true value.

My first job is to clarify your vision, so you feel excited to get started.

We'll tour your current home so I can build a sense of your personal style, what you want, what you need, and how to best present your home to the market.

We'll set the timeline and get you excited to begin!


Create a plan based on market data & conditions.

We know that maximizing your sale price is crucial to a successful outcome.  We will research and provide all the data to ensure we are selling for the best price based on your home's condition and the local market conditions. We'll go over my cutting-edge marketing strategies and how I use my team to save you time and effort from pre-sale to packing. I have an on-staff appraiser to assist with true market values that support my pricing and marketing models. With the right data, I'll present the plan.  You'll want to understand what I'm doing on your behalf, why I'm doing it, and why it's perfect for you. I'll also do a room-by-room audit to give you options for preparing the home. We have provided deep cleaning services, staging consultations, carpet shampooing, and much more to previous clients. It all depends on your needs. Then, you'll sign off on the plan. Don't worry; you'll enjoy total support during the process. You'll also enjoy some perks along the way to keep things fun and stress-free.


Marketing & Showing Your Home

Time to get your house under contract with terms in your best interest. Our approach will include cutting-edge digital marketing that exposes your property to the most possible buyers. We also have strategies to create new demand depending on the home's unique features. The full-court marketing press should result in a quick, fair contract on your home. I keep you clear and focused each step of the way and take as much work as I can away from your busy plate. I go beyond the contract to make sure no detail is overlooked.



Close & Celebrate!

In order to close, you need to clear contingencies. We'll handle title, closing services, inspections, and any appraisal issues. 

You also need to arrange and execute your move. 

We're here to make sure this all takes place as smoothly as possible!


After the Closing & Beyond 

You've moved! Now, it's time to settle into your new home. 

Moving doesn't take long.

Settling into a home is different.

It takes longer, and a challenge always seems to pop up within the first thirty days.

So, we connect you with post-closing support.

We'll also review our journey to ensure your total satisfaction.

We want you to know we are there during and after the process for any of your real estate needs!


Find Your Home's Value

Information you won’t find on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, or any “third party” site.

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