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I shouldn't be alive right now, let alone leading a real estate team.

When I was ten, the kid down the street set me on fire. I survived. A few years later, I was in a terrible car accident, thrown from a rolling truck with a broken neck.

I had a lot of time to read and think about life at a young age, and I took up the hobby of creative writing. So the plan was to be a bestselling novelist who wrote every day. You know, a guy with a big, oak desk wearing a knit sweater as I pondered the universe. Thinking doesn't pay the bills. I worked as a Program Analyst for the Department of Defense. My job was to take a process, break it down, and improve it. I had a lot of dreams and ideas and energy locked up inside a cubicle.

Every big idea I ever had would suffocate inside that cubicle. Then, my wife and I bought our first house in 2006, and I knew I wanted to be a real estate agent someday. That urge truly took flight in 2009, when we sold that home. I saw ways to improve all the processes involved in real estate. I asked common sense questions asking about services and ideas that didn't exist. I wrote my own listing copy, trying to tell the story of the home instead of just describing it.

As I approached 20 years of government service and the "halftime" of my career, something changed. Maybe because I was also approaching forty. I was a father. I had realized some success as a novelist, landing the big New York book deal I dreamed about as a kid.

I was tired of those cubicle walls. I saw people who had endured them for forty years or more, and saw myself. What would it feel like on my deathbed? I would have regretted not breaking out, not taking a chance on my own skills and ideas.

People still asked me about homes and financing. They trusted me. All the books I had read, all the writing and communicating. The creativity and ability to break down a process. A mind bursting with ideas. A craving to help people one-on-one with the biggest decision of their lives. A way to control the impact I could have on the Common Good. A chance to run my own business, to write more, to spend more time with my family. I couldn't wait any longer and got my license in less than three weeks, and had an agent ready to follow my lead from day one.

Taking the plunge was one of the best decisions of my life. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of clients just like you level up their homes with ease and confidence.

Sure, real estate is a good investment, and it is, but your home is something more. A home is a symbol of your success. It's a key part of your family's identity. A new home moves you forward. I take immense pride in leading this journey for you. Because I know what those big breakthroughs feel like. Because I know how to handle a challenge. Because I've seen the tears of pure joy when a family gets handed the keys to a house they never dreamed was possible.

Every path is different, so I'll never be a one-size-fits-all "commodity" agent. Get ready for a real estate experience you never thought was possible, a bespoke experience that removes the hassle and honors your time. I don't want to find your "move-up" house. I want you to find your trophy home, the crown jewel of your life's real estate journey. I'll help you honor the memories in your current house as you pursue a home that fills you with excitement and awe every time you pull into the driveway.

And nothing says we can't have some fun along the way!


"He went the extra mile to make sure we were confident in our choice and comfortable with the buying process."

Fred was incredibly helpful during the house buying process. He not only viewed houses for us when we were remote but gave us honest feedback, even if it meant we wouldn't put an offer down. He created videos for us to walk us through the contracts, which helped us understand exactly what we were signing. He went the extra mile to make sure we were confident in our choice and comfortable with the buying process. If you are in the St. Louis Metro East area, definitely get in contact with him!

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