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I'm sure you've heard that real estate is a great investment, and it is, but your home is something more. Your home is a symbol of your success, and its a key part of your family's identity. We need to discuss more than needs. What are your wants? If needs were all people worried about, we'd all be driving a base-trim Toyota. We're looking for a Rolls Royce! I'll make sure the home you choose excites you every time you pull into the driveway. My first job is to clarify your vision so you feel excited to get started. We'll tour your current home so I can build a sense of your personal style, what you want, what you need, and how to best present your home to the market. We'll go over my cutting-edge marketing strategies and how I use my team to save you time and effort from pre-sale to packing.



You'll want to understand what I'm doing on your behalf, why I'm doing it, and why it's perfect for you. I advise so you can decide. For example, should you list your home before purchasing another one? That depends, and it depends on you. I plot a course to deliver a white-glove experience as you trade-up your home. I'll create a marketing plan to get you off-market buying opportunities. I'll also market to find ideal buyers for your house. I don't wait and hope for buyers or sellers like other agents. I go on offense. I want you to get house opportunities before anyone else. I’ll also do a room-by-room audit to give you options for preparing the home. We have provided deep cleaning services, staging consultations, carpet shampooing, and much more to previous clients. It all depends on your needs. Sometimes, a "premarket," excited buyer means less prep! They'll take it as-is and pay top dollar to keep it from going on the open market. Then, you'll sign off on the plan. Don't worry, you'll enjoy total support during the process. You'll also enjoy some perks along the way to keep things fun and stress-free.



Let's find the perfect house and the most opportune buyers for your home. I don't wait for listings like other agents. I'll use advanced marketing tactics to locate sellers before they even know they want to sell. I hunt for your home's buyers the same way. Your dream home isn't easy to find. Out of all the listings that come for sale, how many are an upgrade for you? I market to get you off-market opportunities. I want you a step ahead of everyone else. We will still view normal listings. Competitive offer situation? There are winners and hagglers in that situation. We'll win. I also explore pre-listing buyers perfect for your current home. "Perfect" buyers pay fair prices, and they're flexible so you can move on your schedule. Falling in love with a home is exciting. Momentum builds, and excitement makes everything feel easier. We may get your buyers lined up at this stage as well.



Time to get your house under contract with terms in your best interest. We also work on coordinating your move with the help of my List Assistant program. You're a buyer and seller at the same time, juggling a move and two contracts. You have a family and a career. Time is short, and things feel a little chaotic. Those are my worries as much as yours. I keep you clear and focused each step of the way and take as much work as I can away from your busy plate. I go beyond the contract. With List Assistant, one of my assistants is at your beck and call from contract to close. Task her via call, email, or text. Have her do web research, get pricing information, compare or find services, or make calls for you. In order to close, you need to clear contingencies. You also need to arrange and execute your move. We’re here to make sure this all takes place as smoothly as possible!



You've moved! Now, it's time to settle into your new home. Moving doesn't take long. Settling into a home is different. It takes longer, and a challenge always seems to pop up within the first thirty days. So, we connect you with post-closing support. We'll also review our journey to assure your total satisfaction. We want you to know we are there during and after the process for any of your real estate needs.

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