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Focus on YOUR Brand

Precision. Growth. Loyalty. Commitment. 

This is what Artemis is made of, and while it's the official team name in the Real Broker administrative ecosystem, you won't see it on a logo or in a name or promoted on our websites.

I am not a team lead that wants that traditional type top-down structure. The brand is not Artemis, nor is it real broker. The brand is YOU. That's why you'll never be forced to "produce under" my name. 

As I like to tell my agents, I'm not Batman—I'm Alfred. I'm the guy in the chair, seeing things from 10,000 feet, keeping an eye on the bigger picture. YOU are Batman. You are the star. You are the brand.

It's your business and your career. I'm here to be your guy in the chair and help you scale to levels of success, confidence, and growth on a personal and professional level that is nothing short of transformative.

We compete and strive and grow, but never at the expense of our teammates, our ethics, or our clients.

So, are you ready to discover what's possible?

Equity & Income

Earn equity in one of real estate's fastest growing companies & get splits as high as 85% & caps as low as $6,000.


A complete done-for-you marketing and engagement suite that would cost you $2,300 a month if you purchased solo.

ISA Team 

Our inside sales team that works tirelessly to turn leads into slam dunk appointments. No more boring prospecting!

Six-Figure Agent Coaching

Access training that would cost solo agents thousands, & a national mastermind group of only the best agents.

Chime CRM Seat

The best real estate CRM with high-end smart plans & website connected to leads, giving you top insights to get more clients.


A complete done-for-you marketing and engagement suite that would cost you $2,300 a month if you purchased solo.

Leads & Referrals 

We routinely spend big on Zillow, Google PPC, and other lead & referral sources for our team to nurture & close. 

Branding Freedom

YOU are your business. No one hires a logo. Build your brand & be empowered by the team, not the other way around.

Our Mission? Your Success.

My clients aren't buying and selling homes; my clients are agents. That means I'm invested in your success. 

Mitch Cain

Land & Farm Specialist

"Fred's innovative approach to real estate launched my career, made me an elite agent award winner, and changed my life."

Chad Klein

Former eXp Agent

"I almost left the business entirely, but after two years with Fred, I closed 55+ deals & have everything I need to thrive."

Chris Kelly

10 Yrs Experience

"I just had my first six-figure year and did 25+ deals. Fred & his team approach are crucial to my success."

Chad Wilkins

Former MFL Agent

"Night and day compared to where I was at. I just did 32+ deals in my first full year of real estate. Fred actually helps us find and close deals."

Explosive Growth, Explosive Potential 

I'm creating a unique agent experience and with the explosive upside potential of Real Broker stock and the early-bird splits I'm offering team members, now is the time to make the move and empower your career. 




Years Experience

Top 1%

Agents Featured


Client Satisfaction


Elite Agent, Launch Coach, Team Leader

As a seasoned team leader and top 1% Elite Agent with Real Broker, my support, strategies, and systems have created multiple six-figure agents in the past 2 years. 

If you're a hardworking agent, start keeping more of what you make and getting a massive return on the splits that you give up to your company. 

I have essentially used economies of scale and marketing techniques backed with years of data to provide agents with massive value and ways to improve every aspect of their business. 

I'm not a "take every agent" recruiter, I'm looking to strategically add agents in specific markets with specific goals and skill sets. 

If you'd like a confidentially, casual, completely pressure-free discussion, let's talk.



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Where are you located?

I live and work in Aviston, IL, in the Illinois Metro-East. 

Our brokerage is national, but my team is hyper-local right now. We have all solutions in place for virtual office space and a cloud-based brokerage experience. 

The lack of a brick and mortar reduces costs and is one of the biggest reasons we can offer tremendous value and aggressive splits. 

And I'm not looking for the type of agent that needs to chit-chat with a half-dozen people around the water cooler. I'm looking for driven, self-starting agents who want to achieve big goals and scale their businesses. 

Do you charge any fees?

No monthly fees, and my team charges nothing. If I'm not providing value and you're not earning, you don't pay a dime. No desk fees or annual marketing charges. 

Real Broker does have an annual fee of $225 but it's taken out of the first closing of your cap year. 

What level of support do you provide?

At the brokerage level, Real Broker provides a managing broker for compliance, an accounting and admin team, a support team, and is constantly developing in-house support tools and services. 

The brokerage provides a strong foundation of functional support. 

Real Academy also has free 24/7 self-serve training along with other custom training programs. 

At the team level, I'm constantly purchasing and providing support and training for a multitude of functions such as lead generation, branding, marketing, direct mail, listing presentations, and niche systems such as FSBO and SOI prospecting, and much more. 

If support and training doesn't exist for what you need or want, I'll try to create it or acquire it! 

Why should I join your team?

You're a successful agent but feel like you can do more, but since your strengths are client and relationship-based, you're not sure how to scale. 

So you're stuck paying your brokerage a thick split without getting the tools and leads you need in return to hit your income goals. 

If you recognize that YOU are the brand of your real estate business, not the brokerage or logo of where you work, you're ready to thrive with how I can empower and unlock new aspects to your business you never thought possible. 

Our goal is for agents to self-sustain their own branding and marketing platforms with minimal effort to create a steady flow of business. 

In fact, I'm trying to hire more agents because the core group I've launched with are at the point where they don't have the bandwidth to handle the leads and growth we are experiencing. 

What if I'm part-time?

Full-time agents will achieve the most growth, but I myself was a part-time agent and multiple agents on my team have started part-time. With limited time, you need scaling and automation. With the smart plans and systems we have in place, you can effortlessly stay in front of hundreds of leads and thousands of potential clients. 

Our part-time agents will grow more slowly but will experience growth, and we are uniquely suited to help part-time agents create more opportunities and stay in front of more people. 

So what exactly are the splits?

As a Real Broker solo agent you can achieve a split as high as 85/15. 

Team splits can vary based on what resources and assistance you want me to provide. The average is 70/30. 

Real Broker does have an annual cap of $12,000 for solo agents. My team members pay Real a $6,000 cap annually out of their splits. So, whatever split we decide upon, you'll get a "raise" of 15% when you hit $40,000 GCI during your cap year. 

Over 90% of my agents hit their cap annually. 100% of my full-time agents have hit their caps. 

Can I talk to one of your agents about what it's like?

Absolutely, after we have a brief discussion, I can match you with a current agent who most closely matches your situation and set up a confidential call.

How do I get started?

Simple, just set up a discover call in my calendar, or call/text me at 618-322-9764 to set up a call. 

I don't believe in job interviews or putting limits on people. If you take actions, you will succeed & I'd be thrilled to help give you opportunities to grow your business. 

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