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There's a reason my team doesn't have it's own fancy name and logo. The name of the team is Artemis and it's code word to keep me locked in on my philosophy for myself and my teammates.

The word Artemis is the name of a mythical Greek goddess and brings to bear some of the most important elements of my vision for real estate agents.

Artemis was an elite huntress and archer. That type of precise, targeted marketing is at the foundation of what we do. Every message is crafted for a specific audience, and agents are encouraged and assisted in developing niches so that they can differentiate themselves, stand out, and achieve an incredible conversion rate with their target market.

Artemis is associated with fertility and abundance, and growth is another foundational element. No matter what the market does, there will always be millions of people who buy and sell homes each year. The opportunity remains unlimited regardless of what happens in the world or in the news. Walking this path with confidence and seeing abundance everywhere, not just in your business, is a mindset shift that creates successful, confident, and satisfied agents.

This sort of growth mindset and confidence is why we take a step forward when everyone else takes a step back; recently we added thousands in team-wide products and ad spend increases while most other agents are pruning back in anticipation of a market shift.

We will never fail to see growth and opportunity no matter what happens, and my job is to foster this attitude across the team and arm each agent with the tools to turn that growth mindset into income and happiness growth.

Artemis had a wide and loyal following and was a ferocious defender of her people and animals. With our team, teamwork and loyalty are one of the core elements that are important for our Inner Circle agents. 

This unselfish attitude brings a higher level of service to the client, and creates a team where you have access to each other and your unique skills, abilities, and knowledge. 

You won't have to rely on a team lead, coach, or managing broker—you'll have access to other Inner Circle agents with specialized skills such as appraisal, photography, videography, writing, negotiation, and more. 

You'll also have access to specialized niche agents that can help in a variety of areas such as agricultural land, recreational property, investment property, and more.

My job is to be the defender of this team-wide attitude and to make sure Inner Circle agents reach their absolute maximum potential in an ethical, systemic, fully-supported, and fun way. 

One of my most constant sayings is "a rising tide lifts all boats." That's how I view the team; if one of us gets an elite listing, it makes everyone look good as they can promote it across their own channels and databases. If I get a $10,000 windfall from one agent's luxury closing, I can invest more deeply in pay-per-click ad spend and lead generation which means more business and exposure for everyone.

This approach is how we've grown from two guys experimenting with marketing to adding expensive and elite tech features such as Curaytor and professionally-managed pay-per-click advertising with the nation's best real estate PPC expert.

We compete and strive and grow, but never at the expense of our teammates, our ethics, or our clients.

Precision. Growth. Loyalty. Commitment. 

This is what Artemis is made of, and while it's the official team name in the Real Broker administrative ecosystem, you won't see it on a logo or in a name or promoted on our websites.

I am not a team lead that wants that traditional type top-down structure. The brand is not Artemis, nor is it real broker. The brand is YOU. That's why you'll never be forced to "produce under" my name. 

Every Inner Circle member is working towards becoming his or her own brand, own business, own niche, playing to his or her own strengths, in a sustainable self-owned and controllable way that doesn't depend on unpredictable tech giants like Zillow.

As I like to tell my agents, I'm not Batman—I'm Alfred. I'm the guy in the chair, seeing things from 10,000 feet, keeping an eye on the bigger picture. YOU are Batman. You are the star. You are the brand.

It's your business and your career. I'm here to be your guy in the chair and help you scale to levels of success, confidence, and growth on a personal and professional level that is nothing short of transformative.

So, are you ready to discover what's possible?

Equity & Income

Earn equity in one of real estate's fastest growing companies & get splits as high as 85%.


A complete done-for-you marketing and engagement suite that would cost you $2,300 a month if you purchased solo.

Elite Lead Generation 

In-house lead generation and systems/strategies to generate your own exclusive prospects in areas and niches you target.

Six-Figure Agent Coaching

Coaching with top 1% elite agents. Get inner circle coaching and training programs that would cost solo agents thousands.

Our Mission? Your Success.

My clients aren't buying and selling homes; my clients are agents. That means I'm invested in your success. 

Explosive Growth, Explosive Potential 

I'm creating a unique agent experience and with the explosive upside potential of Real Broker stock and the early-bird splits I'm offering team members, now is the time to make the move and empower your career. 




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Elite Agent, Launch Coach, Team Leader

I've sold over $100m in real estate, published 4 books, and earned "Elite Agent" rewards and status in 2021 and 2022. I bring creativity and innovation to the real estate industry and I'm dedicated to elevating the client experience and teaching agents how to have successful, lucrative careers. 


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