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Get Your St. Louis Outdoor Spaces Spring Ready

Fred Venturini
Feb 27 1 minutes read

Plan Your St. Louis Outdoor Oasis

As we say goodbye to the brisk St. Louis winter, it's the perfect time to reimagine how your home's outdoor space can flourish this spring. Residents of the Greater St. Louis area understand the joy of transitioning between the seasons, and with a little creativity, any local backyard or balcony can transform into a serene retreat. Let’s walk through some ideas to freshen up your Missouri abode.

Designate With Purpose

Envision your outdoor space's full potential, be it for al fresco dining or simply to unwind. Segment your area into distinct zones to make it multifunctional. In Creve Coeur or Town and Country, you might marry a breezy dining spot with ample lounging areas, ensuring each part of your garden serves your lifestyle.

Add a Splash of Green

Introducing verdant foliage is a surefire way to revitalize any space. In the Greater St. Louis area, native perennials or blooming shrubs can provide both beauty and eco-system support. Even in the city's small spaces, container gardens or trellises can serve as lush focal points.

Pick Durable Furniture Fit for the Midwest

The right outdoor furnishings are a game-changer. No matter if you're in Chesterfield or mapping out a quaint St. Charles courtyard, select materials that endure Midwest weather. Outfit your deck with local finds, complete with plush accents to encapsulate cozy Midwest living.

Light Up Your Evenings

Lighting is pivotal, whether it's soft, solar path lights lining a Wildwood walkway or charming string lights above a Clayton patio. As evening falls, let the warm glow of your chosen lights invite you and your guests to linger a little longer under the Midwest stars.

Create Your Private Corner

When privacy is a premium, like in bustling urban areas near St. Louis, use natural partitions or chic privacy screens. This can create intimate, secluded nooks perfect for reflection or a quiet outdoor meal.

Add the Serene Sound of Water

A water feature, perhaps reminiscent of the tranquility of the Missouri Botanical Garden, can make a substantial difference. Even a modest element, echoing the peaceful roll of the nearby Mississippi, can transport you to a place of calm within your own sanctuary.

Shade: An Essential for Missouri Summers

Prepare for the bright, spirited sun of a St. Louis summer with stylish shade solutions. From elegant pergolas that could mirror those in Lafayette Square to chic umbrellas perfect for a sunny Brentwood day, ensure your space remains cool as temperatures rise.

Accessorize Like a Local

Outdoor textiles and accents pull a space together. Introduce elements that speak to the rich tapestry of St. Louis culture, from Cardinals red cushions to nature-inspired decor that reflects the many parks and outdoor spaces in our community.

Opt for Easy Upkeep

Time-saving updates are key in a bustling region like ours. Choose furnishings and plants that require minimal effort, so you can spend your weekends exploring Forest Park or the Delmar Loop, rather than tending to your outdoor area.


Preparing your outdoor living area for spring in the Greater St. Louis region not only boosts your home's enjoyment but also invites you to relish in the unique charm of our community as the seasons change. So seize this moment to enhance your slice of the Heartland and ready your home for the beauty of springtime in Missouri.

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