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Top 2024 Home Design Trends for Greater St. Louis

Fred Venturini
Dec 13 5 minutes read

The year 2024 ushers in an exhilarating array of design trends perfectly catered to the distinctive homes of the Greater St. Louis area. These trends artfully combine individuality, artisanal flair, and a nod to nature with the historic and innovative spirit of our local architecture. Here’s a glance at the home design movements poised to leave a mark on St. Louis living spaces this year.

St. Louis Styles Bold Statements

This year, St. Louis homeowners are embracing the bold and the beautiful, leaving behind the timidity of pastel palettes for more dynamic, expressive decor. Implementing "Dopamine Décor," many are adding colors such as the Arch-view inspired cobalt blue or the botanical garden-influenced emerald to kindle joy and vitality within their four walls.

Accentuate the bold with some Tower Grove gray, ensuring your vibrant space remains as peaceful as the park on a Sunday morning. We’re also seeing playful, chunky decor reminiscent of the World's Fair monumental structures, providing a sophisticated yet joyous atmosphere to our local living spaces.

Local Craftsmanship Celebrates St. Louis Artisans

With roots deeply embedded in the craft traditions of the Midwest, Greater St. Louis area homes are welcoming back artisanal decor. From the handcrafted hardwoods reminiscent of Missouri forests to the bespoke glasswork evoking the artisan spirit of the Delmar Loop galleries, homeowners are increasingly drawn to unique, locally-crafted pieces. This trend is a testament to our thriving community of artists and our collective yearning for authenticity and provenance.

Vintage Vibes Reimagined in Metro East and Beyond

Reflecting our rich history, from the Victorian homes in Lafayette Square to the quaint bungalows in Maplewood, vintage is resurging in home design across the metro area. We're rediscovering bygone eras with a twist, blending historic ambiance with contemporary flair. Think earthy, organic tones drawn from Forest Park in autumn, paired with modern textures and amenities.

Influences from popular culture have resulted in a mix of grand, Regency-era opulence with the stark, modern lines of an Eero Saarinen-designed building, allowing for a dance between the antique and the avant-garde that's as exciting and diverse as our city itself.

Tile Artistry Turns the Ordinary to Extraordinary Around St. Louis

Tiles take on a new life in Greater St. Louis homes, drawing inspiration from our iconic mosaic masterpieces. From expressive, hand-painted ceramics inspired by the local art scene to innovative patterns resembling the geometric diversity of our city’s skyline, unique tiles are revolutionizing the look and feel of our interiors.

Whether it's a Midwestern terra-cotta to pay homage to tradition or a daring Art Deco pattern for that downtown loft, bespoke tiling helps make St. Louis homes stand out with personalized artistry.

Greater St. Louis Embraces Smart Home Convenience

In the land of innovation and startups, St. Louis residences are no strangers to integrating smart home technology. This year, the fusion of high-tech convenience with Midwest practicality is more seamless than ever. From automated climate control perfect for our unpredictable weather to advanced security systems that provide peace of mind, technology is enhancing our homes’ functionality and style.

Harness Natural Elements for Harmonious Living Spaces

In 2024, St. Louis home design is reconnecting us with the natural world. Our love affair with green spaces, from the Missouri Botanical Garden to the sprawling parks of St. Charles, inspires interiors filled with botanicals and sustainable materials. Ample natural lighting, which plays a strategic role in brightening our spaces, pays tribute to the sun-drenched fields of the heartland, promoting well-being and connection to the environment.

Home design in 2024

As we embark on this year's journey in home design, it's clear that St. Louis residences are set for an infusion of creativity, innovation, and personal expression. These trends not only enhance the beauty of our living spaces but also celebrate our local character and values.

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