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Greening the Metro-East: Trees Boost Home Values

Fred Venturini
Apr 16 1 minutes read

Why Celebrate Earth Day Every Day in Metro-East

With Earth Day on April 22nd serving as a reminder of our role in securing a greener tomorrow, it's worth considering simple, impactful actions that contribute positively to our environment. In the Metro-East area, sprawling from the historic riverside vibes of Alton down through the vibrant communities of Belleville and Edwardsville, planting a tree on your property can be more than a nod to Earth Day. It's a step towards enhancing your home's value while promoting environmental mindfulness.

The Value Add of Going Green

The Arbor Day Foundation has thrown a number around that's hard to ignore - adding trees to your property could boost its value by up to 15%. For homeowners in the Metro-East area, where real estate demand continues to grow amid a backdrop of expanding business hubs and quaint, community-focused living, standing out in the market can mean thinking green. Trees not only enhance your property's aesthetics but can also be your silent salespersons, attracting prospective buyers with their shade and splendor.

Multiplying Benefits of Trees in Metro-East

It’s not just about beauty. Trees serve multiple roles. Beyond adding character and curb appeal, they play a significant part in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Especially in areas like O’Fallon and Granite City, where seasonal temperature fluxes are a norm, trees can be natural allies against electricity bills, offering shade in summer and acting as windbreaks in winter. Additionally, the varied landscapes of the Metro-East, blending urban areas with the natural beauty of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, derive immense benefit from trees in improving air quality and nurturing local wildlife.

Attracting Buyers with Sustainable Choices

Today’s homebuyers in the Metro-East area are more environmentally conscious than ever. A property that champions energy efficiency, thanks to its thoughtful landscape design, and promotes a healthier living environment stands out. Trees are natural purifiers, improving air quality and offering a sanctuary for local wildlife, from the iconic cardinals to the elusive foxes roaming our riverbanks. It’s a compelling narrative that can sway buyers looking for a home that harmonizes with nature.

Peaceful Living in a Bustling Area

Trees are nature’s answer to noise pollution – a noteworthy benefit in bustling areas. Whether you’re near the airport in Mascoutah or closer to the urban heart of East St. Louis, trees can significantly dampen the noise, creating a peaceful retreat within your property. It’s an underappreciated quality that can make life in the Metro-East uniquely serene, adding to the compelling reasons to invest in greenery around your home.

An Investment that Grows

Planting trees is an investment with growing returns, both environmentally and financially. While it may take years for a sapling to mature into a stately oak or maple, the benefits—a mixture of increased property value, reduced energy costs, and a contribution to a healthier planet—only accumulate over time. For residents of the Metro-East, it’s an investment in our collective future, ensuring our neighborhoods continue to flourish for generations.

Choosing the Right Trees for Metro-East

Selecting native species when planting trees can maximize these benefits. In our region, this might mean opting for the resilient Eastern Redbud or the majestic Bald Cypress, each adapted to our unique climate, soil, and the challenges of local pests and diseases. Native trees support our local ecosystems in ways non-native plants cannot, providing food and shelter for our native birds and pollinators. Consulting with a local nursery or arborist can help you choose the right species for your area, ensuring your green investment thrives.

Final Thoughts

As we observe Earth Day and commit to actions that ensure the Metro-East remains a vibrant place to live, consider the lasting impact of planting a tree. It's a gesture that enhances your property’s appeal, contributes to your community's health, and supports the local ecosystem. Whether you're looking to elevate your home's market value or simply wish to invest in the environmental legacy of the Metro-East, trees offer a return on investment that’s hard to beat. Remember, in real estate as in nature, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time? Today.

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