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Revitalize Your St. Louis Home: 7 New Year's Goals

Fred Venturini
Dec 22 1 minutes read

A Fresh Slate: Personalizing Home Resolutions for Greater St. Louis Living

The New Year heralds a time for change and personal growth, which can extend into the place we call home. In the Greater St. Louis area, where historic charm blends with modern living, homeowners have a unique opportunity to craft resolutions that reflect both their lifestyle aspirations and the rich local culture. From sustainable living in a flourishing urban landscape to fostering communities in our diverse neighborhoods, let’s explore seven resolutions tailored for homeowners around the Gateway Arch.

1. Embrace Eco-Friendly Improvements

In our majestic city, where the mighty rivers brush past vibrant communities, more residents are adopting eco-conscious upgrades. Take the leap by adding solar panels to harness Missouri’s ample sunshine or replace old appliances with energy-efficient models to compliment the architectural splendor of your St. Louis area home. Implementing advanced technologies like smart thermostats or adopting reclaimed materials in your classic Clayton or Kirkwood residence not only preserves the local environment but also ensures your home’s future sustainability.

2. Declutter with a Purpose

A tidy space in Chesterfield or O'Fallon reflects a clear mind. Embark on a decluttering journey, donating to local Greater St. Louis charities or selling items to neighbors via community apps. Post-purge, incorporate practical storage solutions like built-ins that mirror the Soulard or Lafayette Square’s historic sensibilities, ensuring your home maintains its heritage while also serving contemporary organization needs.

3. Cultivate Your Outdoor Refuge

Our distinct seasons in Missouri call for outdoor spaces that can be a sanctuary, whether on a sprawling St. Charles estate or a compact Downtown loft terrace. Enrich your outdoor area with native plants from the Missouri Botanical Garden selections, or create a space for social gatherings fitted with ambient lighting that mirrors the vibrant nightlife of The Loop. Customizing your piece of the outdoors contributes to the overall allure of our communities.

4. Commit to Consistent Maintenance

A diligently maintained home in Town and Country or Ladue not only retains its value but stands as a testament to responsible ownership. Establish a routine that covers seasonal tasks—fall leaf removal or anticipating the humid summers by servicing your AC. By preemptively solving these issues, you safeguard the historic and aesthetic integrity that is characteristic of homes throughout the Greater St. Louis area.

5. Integrate Energy-Saving Habits

Beyond installing new technologies, it's the daily efforts that cultivate an efficient home. Embrace habits that pledge allegiance to the environment—like mindful water usage against the backdrop of the Mighty Mississippi or the Missouri River that shapes our region. These small practices add up and reflect the conscientious spirit of St. Louisans.

6. Patronize Local Entrepreneurs

Our rich entrepreneurial spirit thrives when we support local establishments. Resolve to source your home needs from St. Louis crafters or visit farmer’s markets in Webster Groves or Ferguson for locally-sourced goods. This commitment strengthens the economic fabric of our neighborhoods and forges lasting bonds with fellow residents and craftsmen.

7. Strengthen Your Community Ties

Bringing a sense of togetherness to Maplewood, Affton, or any St. Louis neighborhood is invaluable. Get involved in local events, from seasonal festivals to community garden programs, nurturing relationships that transform neighborhoods into connected, familiar places where diverse backgrounds contribute to the area's vibrant tapestry.

Make This Year Count in Your St. Louis Home

As a real estate enthusiast in the Greater St. Louis area, I see daily how personal touches can turn a house into a cherished home. Adopt these resolutions to elevate your way of life and engrain your presence in the community. We're not just revitalizing homes; we're weaving the fabric of a dynamic, inclusive, and thriving St. Louis together. Cheers to a remarkable New Year for you and your home!

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